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Frequently Asked Questions (Regular Season)

What are the benefits of dance?

There are physical, intellectual, artistic, social, and individual benefits of dance. The physical benefits include fitness, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and strength. Intellectual benefits include sequential learning, patterns, spatial development, problem solving, and right & left brain inclusion. Innovation, imagination, musicality, rhythm, and art appreciation comprise the artistic benefits. Camaraderie, communication, and cooperation are the social benefits. Finally, the individual benefits vary by student, but include confidence, listening skills, self-discipline, persistence, accuracy, and self-esteem. 

Are parents allowed to observe class?

YES as long as your presence doesn't become a distraction. There are 12 chairs available in the waiting area for parents to observe class. There is no division between the waiting area and the teaching area so parents/siblings that are observing class are asked to quiet cell phones and keep voices low so they do not interfere with class or distract the students during class. There are also designated video taping weeks. 

What is a typical class structure?

The content taught in each class depends on the skill level and style. All classes will begin with a warm-up and stretching session and then progress to technique, across the floor combinations, and/or learn a class combination or dance routine. The first 2-3 classes after Christmas break we review all technique learned in the fall and move forward with new technique and recital routines. Once the recital routines are completed, technique is revisited in the last months prior to recital. After October, technique is included in the warm-up and across the floor combinations. There are two parts to technique: 1) class instruction and 2) practice outside of class. No matter how much time is spent on technique in class, if the student is not practicing outside of class the technique will be slow to improve. 

When are payments due and what forms of payment are accepted by the Studio?

Monthly tuition is due on the first class of the month. The Studio accepts cash, check, debit/credit cards, and auto-pay is also a option. If you enroll in auto-pay you can choose the date your payment will process (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, or 30th). 

Does the Studio have a dress code?

YES! Dress codes for classes are listed below. Dancers can be measured for shoes and dancewear during one of the scheduled dates at the Studio. Purchase shoes, tights, dancewear, and dance bags here: You are REQUIRED to purchase shoes & tights through the Studio.

Ages 2-3 & 3-4

  • Light pink leotard
  • Dark tan footed tights
  • Classic pink ballet shoes & dark tan buckle taps

Ages 4-5 and 5-7

  • Light purple leotard
  • Dark tan tights
  • Classic pink ballet shoes & dark tan buckle taps

Ballet/tap Ages 7-9

  • Light blue leotard
  • Ballet skirt optional, but preferred
  • Dark tan tights
  • Classic pink ballet shoes & dark tan slip-on taps

Jazz Ages 5+

  • Any color leotard or tight fitting fitness top
  • Shorts, capri pants, or tight fitting leggings
  • Dark tan tights
  • Dark tan slip on jazz shoes

Hip Hop Ages 5+

  • Dancewear, any color leotard (preferred) or tight fitting fitness top
  • Shorts, capri pants, or tight fitting leggings
  • Dark tan tights
  • Black hip hop sneaker

Adult Classes

  • Comfortable clothing and dance footwear

Competition Team

  • Any color leotard or tight fitting fitness top
  • Shorts, capri pants, or tight fitting leggings
  • Dark tan tights
  • See instructor for required shoes

Are there performance opportunities?

YES! There is a fully costumed recital in May every year and a Christmas recital in December of odd numbered years. Other performance opportunities may come up as the year progresses or if the Studio receives any requests. We are always looking for performance opportunities so if you have any suggestions, please let Jenni know. For dancers ages 8 and older that are up for a challenge, the Studio offers a competition team. Auditions are held in July for a spot on the team. The competition season runs August through June,/July depending on Nationals. Team members also participate in all performances with the rest of the Studio.  

Do you offer fundraisers to help with costumes/performance outfits?

YES! The costume fundraisers take place in September. You can fundraise for tights, costumes, make-up, jewelry, or other performance accessories. Monthly fees and shoes are not included in fundraising. The Studio tries to keep costume prices low but we are at the mercy of the costume companies. Summer classes do not require costumes.  

Do we have to purchase shoes and tights through the Studio?

YES! All shoes and tights must be purchased through the Fuzion Dance Studio. The shoes and tights are dyed to match and the company only sells to dance studios so you are not able to purchase these items elsewhere. You are not required to purchase dancewear (leotards, etc.) from the Studio, with the exception of performance costumes and accessories. Please keep in mind that dancewear does not fit the same as street attire. The Studio has sizing kits to ensure a proper fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (Summer Season)

What are the benefits of enrolling in summer classes?

The summer classes are designed to introduce kids to the various styles of dance, cheer, and tumbling. Basic technique and movements are taught with the hope that the kids will find a style they really like and come back in the fall for the regular season. It’s also a way for kids to take several different classes/styles without a big commitment. For students that enroll in the regular season, summer classes can help you retain flexibility and technique. If you are new to the Studio, summer classes allow you to meet the teachers, try different classes, and help prepare you for enrollment in the regular season.

Are shoes required for summer classes?

Shoes are only required for the tap classes. Students can wear clean tennis shoes for hip hop classes. For the ballet and jazz classes, students may go bare foot or wear socks. New and used shoes are available for purchase, if desired, but the availability is limited.

Does the Studio have a dress code?

Yes. Students may wear any color leotard, knit shorts, fitted capri pants, or fitted tank tops. Any color of tights is accepted for dance classes. T-shirts can be worn only if they are fitted. Athletic attire is also appropriate. NO baggy clothing, jeans, denim shorts, or street shoes may be worn. Hair must be pulled back away from the face and long bangs need to be secured by bobby pins. No dangling jewelry is allowed. 

When are payments due and what forms of payment are accepted by the Studio? Payments for summer classes must be paid in full prior to or on the first day of class. The Studio accepts cash, checks, or card payments through your parent portal.

Are there discounts for taking multiple classes?

Instead of paying per class, fees are based on the total amount of time a student takes class during the week. The more classes she/he takes the lower the price per class. In addition, families that enroll 2 or more students receive a 10% discount.

Are there performance opportunities?

There are no performance opportunities for the summer classes unless we get asked to perform at a community event.

Are parents allowed to take pictures or video tape classes?

YES! Parents are allowed to take pictures and/or video tape the class their child is enrolled in. Video taping is allowed for learning purposes only. All videos are prohibited from being posted online or to any social media site. This is to protect the choreography rights of the instructor and the children. Pictures may be posted online or to social media sites as long as the Fuzion Dance Studio is “tagged” in the picture.

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